How To Listen Music or Audio On Bluetooth Headset via BTmono In Any Android Smartphone

Many times we want to use Bluetooth headset not only for just receiving or making calls but also to listen to music or any audio file.

But this is not possible in most of the smartphones. Then we search on internet on how to do it and we end in downloading just crap application.

BTmono is the best solution to this problem as it is very easy to use and small application which will solve your problem in seconds.

Click Here To Download BTmono from Play Store 

 How to use -

  1. First connect yur bluetooth headset
  2. Open BTmono
  3. Click ON
  4. Go to your music player and play music on your headset
 1. Automatically enable Bluetooth on app launch (user can still choose not to allow this). Make sure your headset is actually CONNECTED before hitting 'On.'
     2. In-app 'Media Volume' control. Adjust the 'Bluetooth In-Call Volume' using the physical buttons on your phone or headset.
     3. Ongoing Status Bar notification while the program is running.
     4. Automatic turn on at app launch available via Menu-->Preferences. Note - if enabled your headset must be connected before running BTmono.
     5. ICS (Android 4.0) support including use of Holo theme

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