Free Download Best Android App To Hide SMS And Contacts Calls Easily

Many time we are in such a situation when someone ask for our mobile but we hesitate to give it because we have some personal messages and contacts in it. Also we can't refuse the person.

To get out of this problem ariglance has developed an application which will do this task for you.
This is a very easy to use app and any person with little knowledge about phones can use it.

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 There are many other exiting features available in this app which are listed below

Hide EVERYTHING Private to you & BLOCK Unwanted. Be 100% safe while your phone is in OTHER HAND. Hide INCOMING Call, MISSED call notification, CALL LOGS, Private SMS & Private CONTACTS. It also BLOCK UNWANTED call and SMS. Key features are as below:
1.PHONE IN OTHER HAND (BIG feature) : By default phone in Other hand mode is disabled. Which means call is blocked/hidden only from BLACK LIST contact. If you want to hide incoming call from PRIVATE LIST contact as well (when you feel your phone will be in other hand) you can enable "Phone in Other Hand". This way other person never receive your private call. You can see those logs later and again disable this feature once phone is your hand.
2.PRIVATE LIST : Add your personal/private contact into this list after adding to this list. All call logs and SMS from these numbers will not be saved in to phone inbox & call logs but saved to the private space and only you can see those.
3. BLACK LIST: All call and SMS from this list will be blocked and moved to the private space.
4. WHITE LIST : Add white number which you never want to hide from others. The call & SMS from these numbers will behave normally.
5. Block Mode : By default block mode is set to "black list only". You can change it to "ALL Calls" and by doing this all call & SMS except WHITE LIST will be blocked/hidden & logs saved to private space.
6. Fake/Alias Notification: With each contact you can enter its fake name so that when call & SMS from this number is blocked/hidden a notification with its fake name will appear on the status bar. By doing this only you can be able to understand who is messaging and calling you.

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